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BB DVD 2013 Seminar
Bollinger on Bollinger Bands 2013: The 30th Anniversary Seminar
Intro to BB 2013
Learn the basics of Bollinger Bands from the man who developed them
BB DVD 2011
John Bollinger's current work on Bollinger Bands
BB Book
Learn how to use Bollinger Bands
Volume Indicators
Learn the most important volume indicators and how to use them
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If you are not using volume indicators in your analysis - this video is a must!

A constant theme in my Bollinger Bands materials is the use of a set of non-correlated indicators to aid in the interpretation of price action and Bollinger Bands. There are many possibilities to select from including trend, momentum, supply/demand and psychological indicators. The "one-from-column-A, one from-column-B" method provides the most robust approach in that it gathers the maximum amount of information with the least amount of duplication.

A large number of indicators have been created to clarify the relationship between supply and demand in the markets. Some are derived from price, some are based on sentiment and some are based on volume. I believe that the most important key to understanding this dynamic balance is volume. Volume, and the indicators created from it, constitute an under-utilized data set that offers the investor fertile ground for exploration in the already well-turned field of security price analysis. In this 90 minute class I present the most important volume indicators and how to utilize them.

Indicators Covered:
  • 50-day Volume Moving Average
  • Normalized Volume - %v
  • On Balance Volume
  • Volume-Price Trend
  • Intraday Intensity
  • Accumulation Distribution
  • Negative Volume Index
  • Positive Volume Index
  • Money Flow Index
  • Volume-Weighted MACD
  • 20-day OBV Oscillator
  • 21-day Normalized Intraday Intensity Oscillator

For only $95 you will receive:
  • 90 minute videocassette tape (VHS only)
  • Chart book with all the charts and formulas from the presentation
  • Written monograph on Volume Indicators
  • Plus an Excel spreadsheet illustrating all the formulas!