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In his official Bollinger Band Tool Kit for NinjaTrader John Bollinger shares the tools he uses to trade successfully in up, down, and sideways markets. Bollinger Bands have become such an accepted and widely used technical analysis tool because they work so well. On the simplest level they tell the analyst when prices are high or low on a relative basis - but there are many more uses.

Bollinger Bands have become a widely used technical analysis tool because they work so well. On the simplest level they tell the analyst if prices are high or low on a relative basis, but that is just the beginning. I wrote "Bollinger on Bollinger Bands" to explain how I use Bollinger Bands, to tell which indicators I recommend for confirmation, and to present some trading ideas. Readers asked me for a way to implement these trading tools and techniques, and that was the birth of the Bollinger Band Tool Kit. If you have not read my book it is the most comprehensive coverage of how to use Bollinger Bands successfully.

NinjaTrader is a very powerful platform and integrating the Bollinger Band tools makes it that much more powerful. In my official Bollinger Band Took Kit you'll find Bollinger Bands and Envelopes along with the classic Bollinger Band indicators, %b and BandWidth. Next you'll discover the newest Bollinger Band indicators like BBImpulse, Accumulation and BBTrend.

The Bollinger Band Tool Kit features charts with Bollinger Bars, my unique charting style, and a broad array of indicators including many volume indicators. There is the option to receive alerts for signals generated from four trading approaches.

I think you will agree that the combination of NinjaTrader and the Bollinger Band Tools is a winner.
Good Trading!

John Bollinger

The Tool Kit contains:

Bollinger Bands
Bollinger Envelopes
Classic Bollinger Band indicators
New Bollinger Band Indicators
Bollinger Bar charts for easy price action visualization
Bollinger and Chandelier stops
Four Bollinger Band trading method alerts
For the complete list of contents click here

​The Bollinger Band Tool Kit was created for NinjaTrader 7.

Bollinger Bands can be applied in all the financial markets including equities, forex, commodities, and futures and they can be used in most time frames from very short-term periods, to hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.
Trading is easy using your NinjaTrader Brokerage for futures and forex or your regular broker.

Try 1 month for only $9.99
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