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TradeStation's trading platform, trading software and online financial brokerage services are highly respected for their powerful analytical capabilities, and for direct access online trading across multiple asset classes. With the addition of the Bollinger Band Squeeze Package from their Trading App store you can customize and enhance your platform with the indicators John Bollinger uses to trade the Squeeze.


Without a doubt the Squeeze is the most talked about of all the Bollinger Band strategies and this TradeStation Package is your key to the Bollinger Band Squeeze.


As background, a Squeeze is a periodic low in BandWidth and a Bulge is a periodic peak in BandWidth. A Squeeze is potentially an indication of the start of a trend and a Bulge is an indication that a trend may be ending. A Squeeze or a Bulge is not by itself a signal; there are times when they can persist for a long time. Price action and the action of indicators like %b and Intraday Intensity are the ultimate arbiters of what to do.


A Squeeze is a tightening of the Bollinger Bands. Squeezes are the birthplace of new trends and can help forecast periods of increased volatility. However, without the right combination of tools, locating and trading the Squeeze can be difficult. This Bollinger Band Squeeze indicator package is the key to getting the most out of this powerful trading set up.


The Charting tools in the Bollinger Band Squeeze package include:

  • Bollinger Bands: which define high and low on a relative basis

  • %B: which tells us where we are in relation to the bands

  • BandWidth: which tells us how wide the bands are

  • Squeeze/Bulge: which is used to identify the beginnings and ends of trends

  • Squeeze Breakout: which is used to find opportunities in the wake of a Squeeze

  • BackIn: which is used to identify Head Fakes and other potential reversals

  • Intraday Intensity %: which is used to gauge supply and demand


Also there is a scan for on-demand searching of lists of tickers for trading opportunities, and a RadarScreen for monitoring watch lists in real time.


These Bollinger Band tools can be applied in most markets; stocks, futures and forex are popular target markets. They can also be applied in many time frames, from intraday to long term. The qualifier is that there is enough data in each bar to get a good picture of the price-formation mechanism at work. For big, liquid ETFs like SPY, or highly liquid futures like the e-mini, minute bars are no problem, but for an illiquid stock daily bars might be the downward limit.


A lot of time, work and experience have gone into developing this package. I think that you will find it to be very useful in your day to day trading operations.


 For a full description of the Bollinger Band Squeeze Package for TradeStation and for a free 7-day trial, visit the TradeStation Trading App store.

For information about the Bollinger Band Tool Kit for TradeStation click here.

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