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Capital Growth Letter 2016 Issues

There are links to all the 2016 issues of the newsletter below.

We try to cover a special topic each month. Below is a partial list of topics covered.

March 2016: M & W patterns based on Bollinger Bands

April 2016: Trading the Squeeze pattern

May 2016: Trading Visualization using with equity curve charts

June 2016: BBTrend

July 2016: Smart Money or use volume indicators

August 2016: The McClellan Oscillator

September 2016: The Squeeze and the impact of passing time

October 2016: The importance of discipline in the trading process

November 2016: Multiple time frames and longer time frames to eliminate noise

December 2016: The Summation Index

Click on the month of the issue to open the PDF file.

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November 2016

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