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Weekly Update

02/06/17 Welcome to John Bollinger's Capital Growth Letter Hotline for Monday the 6th of February 2017. This is a newsletter week, the February Capital Growth Letter will be posted Saturday. This will be a short message as I am beavering away on the letter. The bottom line is this; we remain bullish on US stocks. The NYSE advance-decline line is running stronger than price and there are no signs of new lows building up. We are not seeing significant Bollinger Band sell setups, and stock patterns by-and-large are healthy. The one real concern is sentiment, which we will address in the letter. Stay the course, buy the dips. Value can be added via group and sector rotation. There are no changes to the ETF portfolios this week. Part two of the MTA's Wyckoff webinar is now scheduled for February 15th. Details here: There were no other changes to the portfolios this week. Be careful out there! The Value Line Plan is in the market with a Friday sell stop of 506.45. The Value Line Geometric Index stands at 514.24. The current allocations are: 60% US stocks, 10% International, 10% Yield, 10% Forex and 10% Cash. The ETF Program portfolio holdings: Style (21): IUSV 5, IJJ 11, IWB 1 Country (21): EWO 1, RSX 6, EWG 7 Sector (27): IGN 6, IXG 2, SOXX 1 Until next time, I wish you well. John Bollinger, CFA, CMT Copyright 2017 by Bollinger Capital Management



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