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Weekly Update

June 12, 2017

Welcome to the Bollinger Band Letter Hotline for Monday the 12th of June 2017.

This is a newsletter week, the June Bollinger Band Letter will be posted on Saturday. If you have any questions you would like answered or any subjects you'd like me to touch on, please feel free to drop me a line at:

Despite the recent volatility and the pullback in the tech stocks our outlook for stocks remains positive. The NYSE advance-decline line made a new high Friday, new lows are minimal and new highs expand nicely on the rallies. Participation has improved with smaller- and mid-sized stocks playing catch up while growth maintains its leadership role. In short, the US stock market seems to be calmly working its way higher despite the madness in the news. In fact, I think that the 'mini tech wreck' will be good for the market as a whole as it will get investors to turn their attention to other sectors, groups and stocks.

Even a terror attack and an election loss for the Conservatives can't ding our favorite international leading index, the UK's FTSE 100, which continues to hold in the vicinity of its recent highs. This is another vote of confidence for stocks in general. The old Wall Street saw about "Stocks climbing a wall of worry" seems particularly apt for this market.

There are no changes to the ETF portfolios this week, though I expect to see some rotation away from larger stocks in coming weeks.

There are no other changes for now.

Ice Breaker continues to hold a single position for each of the five monitored ETFs.

Be careful out there!

The Value Line Plan is in the market with a Friday sell stop of 511.98.

The Value Line Geometric Index stands at 524.57.

The current allocations are:

70% US stocks, 10% International, 10% Yield and 10% Cash.

The ETF Program portfolio holdings:

Style (21): IUSG, 1, IWF, 2, IWB, 4.

Country (21): EWO, 1, EWP, 5, EWN, 2.

Sector (27): XLK, 6, IGV, 6, SOXX, 7.

Details on our Allocations, Ice Breaker and our ETF portfolios can always be found online:

Until next time, I wish you well.

John Bollinger, CFA, CMT

Copyright 2017 by Bollinger Capital Management



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