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Weekly Update

July 1, 2018

Welcome to the Bollinger Bands Letter Weekly Update for Sunday July 1, 2018.

I visited my 100 year old uncle yesterday; being in his presence lends a certain sort of perspective to our daily noise. He is in near perfect health, but his eyesight is poor. What he wants most is to be able to read again and to have a bit more company. We shall try to help on both counts.

We are in the midst of a short-term correction driven mostly by profit taking in the names and sectors that have done the best, which is exactly the sort of thing that you'd expect to see at the turn of a quarter. We'll check closely next week to see if we get a return to the old leadership or if we are going to see the correction usher in some rotation.

The internal condition of the US stock market remains strong and we remain constructive on US stocks. From a contrarian perspective we are starting to look at some of the emerging markets that have been marked down severely.

We added one new chart to the market Timing Chart pack this week, a commodity chart featuring three commodity ETFs, gold, oil and a commodity index.

We wish you a Happy July 4th!

There are no changes to the ETF portfolios this week.

There are no changes to the portfolios this week.

The Value Line Program is in the market. With the Value Line Geometric at 569.93, the Friday sell stop is 568.35.

The ETF Program portfolio holdings:

Style (21): IJT, 1, IWF, 7, IWO, 6.

Country (21): EWQ, 6, EWU, 3, EWH, 10.

Sector (27): XLK, 10, PSJ, 4, XLY, 3.

Our allocations are 50% US stocks, 10% international, 10% gold, 10% yield and 20% cash.

Aggressive accounts should be 60% stocks, 10% cash.

Details on our Allocations, Ice Breaker positions and ETF portfolios along with our weekly Market Timing Chart Package can be found here:

Until next time, I wish you well.

John Bollinger, CFA, CMT

Copyright 2018 by Bollinger Capital Management, Inc.



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