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Bollinger Bands® Products
BB DVD 2013 Seminar
Bollinger on Bollinger Bands 2013: The 30th Anniversary Seminar
Intro to BB 2013
Learn the basics of Bollinger Bands from the man who developed them
BB DVD 2011
John Bollinger's current work on Bollinger Bands
BB Book
Learn how to use Bollinger Bands
Volume Indicators
Learn the most important volume indicators and how to use them
Bollinger Bands Software
Bollinger on Bollinger Bands® 2013
The 30th Anniversary Seminar
This two-DVD set was taped at a live seminar in Los Angeles and condenses the two-day seminar into 8 hours of presentations.

John Bollinger developed Bollinger Bands® in the 1980s in an effort to create fully-adaptive trading bands. Thirty years later, thousands of traders have come to view Bollinger Bands as a most reliable tool for assessing expected price action. Bollinger Bands can be applied in all the financial markets including equities, forex, commodities, and futures and they can be used in most time frames from very short-term periods, to hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

Taped at an exclusive two day seminar celebrating the 30th anniversary of Bollinger Bands, in this eight hour, two-DVD set John teaches how to use his Bollinger Bands and which indicators to use for confirmation. He covers the classic Bollinger Band indicators in detail and introduces his new Bollinger Band indicators. He also teaches volume idicators including open and closed forms, technical analysis techniques including M & W Patterns, Three Pushes to a High and The Ice Breaker Trading System.

  • The Classic Bollinger Band Tools
    • %b
    • BandWidth
    • M tops and W bottoms
  • Volatility and BandWidth
    • The Squeeze & The Bulge
    • Chandelier and Parabolic Stops
  • Volume Indicators
    • On Balance Volume
    • Intraday Intensity
    • Accumulation Distribution
    • Money Flow Index
    • Volume-Weighted MACD
    • Normalized Volume
    • Volume Oscillator
    • Positive and Negative Volume Indices
    • BBAccumulation
  • The New Bollinger Band Indicators
    • BBImpulse
    • BBTrend
    • BBMomentum
    • BBindex
    • BBPersist
  • The New Bollinger Band Indicators — continued

  • Three Pushes to a High Trading System

  • Ice Breaker Trading System

  • Position Sizing

  • New Bollinger Band applications

  • BB Script and Q&A
What are some of the points of differentiation of the 30th Anniversary DVD Set from the 2011 DVD? Extensive coverage of volume indicators, the most recent coverage of John Bollingerís new indicators and Bollinger Bands applied to Three Pushes to a High, a system for recognizing market tops.
In this two-DVD set John teaches you everything you need to know to trade effectively using Bollinger Bands. This is your opportunity to master the entire suite of Bollinger Band tools — including John Bollinger's newest work.
The seminar cost $1995 to attend, but the DVD is yours for only $395.